Jason Y. Sproul

Everything you need to know about Neil Gorsuch: freeze or get fired


Neil Gorsuch was the one judge—of seven involved in the case of Alphonse Maddin—who believed that a delivery company could fire a person for abandoning their vehicle rather than freeze to death.

“…Then the first thing I noticed was that in [Gorsuch’s] opening reference he simply called me a trucker and didn’t use my name,” Maddin said.

Read the article here. As I warned previously, Neil Gorsuch lives in a world of legal fantasy that is cerebral and lacks empathy, that treats people as objects rather than as people – i.e. a psychopath – and is incapable of executing the duties of his office to protect the fundamental rights of all citizens of the United States. He may pretend to be warm and folksy and kind. Psychopaths often do.

Why did he rule this way? Because the law wasn’t written to cover this precise set of conditions, regardless of legal intent or Department of Labor findings.


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