Jason Y. Sproul

Only Two Questions Needed to Understand Neil Gorsuch


Pay attention this week, scrutinize Gorsuch’s words, understand their meaning and context, and talk with your representative.

In my mind there are only two questions that we need to understand about Neil Gorsuch to determine whether to use the filibuster “nuclear option”.

  1. Does he believe that all people have the right to make decisions regarding their bodies without interference from the government, their employers, or any other structure of power.
  2. Does he believe that corporations, a useful legal fiction run amok, are actually people with all of the same rights as humans.

From the answers to those two questions I think we can fully predict his response to every question that might come before the Supreme Court on unions, immigration, civil rights, voting rights, government seizures via civil forfeiture, limits of executive power, and even the impending questions of the rights of artificial intelligence and the role of government in a society where most humans’ work and skills are not needed.

If he believes in #2 and not #1, he lives in a world of legal fantasy that is cerebral and lacks empathy, that treats people as objects rather than as people – i.e. a psychopath – and is incapable of executing the duties of his office to protect the fundamental rights of all citizens of the United States.

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