Jason Y. Sproul

Rands In Repose: Why?


“Having an opinion takes work.” Or at least it should – and watching Fox News doesn’t count.

Rands in Repose: Why? »

Early in the design discussion for the logo for the latest Rands in Repose charity t-shirt, Robert Padbury responded to my early design feedback: “You know, I realized something when I was thinking about this the other day – People don’t really have more than the following three responses to a design:

  1. It’s awesome.
  2. It sucks.
  3. Apathy.”

This short list of responses captured me with their lack of subtlety. Three bullets effectively describe the majority of opinions people have about topics that often deserve more consideration. While Robert’s eventual point was different, his observation serves as a starting point for understanding why I’m once again offering a t-shirt supporting a literacy charity.

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